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  • Bit9 CEO on Data Breach Defense

    Businesses Must Assume Attackers Will Access Systems Bit9 CEO on Data Breach Defense
    Patrick Morley, president and CEO of Bit9 + Carbon Black

    The CEO of Bit9 speaks from experience: His firm was hacked, sensitive data stolen and customers put at risk. And what's happened since represents his mission to fend off attackers, even as they refine their hacks. Read more...

  • Smart Cities: The Security Challenge

    What Are the Cybersecurity Threats and Opportunities? Smart Cities: The Security Challenge
    Smart City

    The Indian government envisions developing 100 smart cities throughout the country by 2022. What is the model, and how must security leaders prepare to defend these smart cities against cyberthreats? Read more...

  • Making a Move from CISO to Consultant

    PwC's Salvi on His Transition from Security Practitioner Making a Move from CISO to Consultant
    Vishal Salvi

    CISOs considering new opportunities in the consulting arena can learn from the experience of Vishal Salvi, former CISO at HDFC bank, who's now a cybersecurity adviser at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Read more...

  • India's Hackers Come of Age

    Katie Moussouris on Why and How Hacking Gains Respect India's Hackers Come of Age
    Katie Moussouris, Chief Policy Officer - HackerOne

    With white-hat security researchers gaining increasing mainstream recognition, hacking as a vocation is no longer taboo - and Indian researchers are flocking to the profession, says HackerOne's Katie Moussouris Read more...

  • Research Centre Tackles Cybercrime

    GTU Hosts New e-Raksha Public/Private Initiative Research Centre Tackles Cybercrime
    Gujarat Technological University

    Cybercrime is on the rise. To combat it, GTU is launching e-Raksha Research Centre - a public private partnership initiative. The spin-off is also aimed at growing the capacity of InfoSec professionals. Read more...

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    Apple, Android Prep 'Freak' Fix

    Exploiting Crypto Flaw Breaks HTTPS on Devices, Sites By Mathew J. Schwartz
    Apple, Android Prep 'Freak' Fix

    Many Apple and Android devices are vulnerable to a TLS/SSL "Freak" flaw, which could be exploited to subvert secure Web connections. The flaw is a legacy of U.S. government export restrictions on strong crypto.

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    Questioning Gemalto's Reaction to Hack

    Company's One-Week Investigation Downplays the Impact By Mathew J. Schwartz
    Questioning Gemalto's Reaction to Hack

    SIM card manufacturer Gemalto says its investigation into a reported U.S. and U.K. intelligence agency espionage operation found that its internal networks housing encryption keys weren't breached. But security experts question those findings.

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    Lenovo Website Hijacked

    Lizard Squad Takes Credit, Says It Has Stolen E-Mails By Mathew J. Schwartz
    Lenovo Website Hijacked

    The hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed credit for hijacking the website of and redirecting visitors to an attacker-controlled site. It also indicates that it's now sitting on a cache of stolen Lenovo e-mail messages.

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    Time to Ban the 'Bloatware'

    When Manufacturers Preload 'Free' Apps, Buyers Lose By Mathew Schwartz
    Time to Ban the 'Bloatware'

    Manufacturers of PCs and mobile devices must end the practice of preloading "bloatware." Lenovo's experience with offering "free" adware shows the hidden security and performance tradeoffs buyers must endure.

  • Article

    Report: Spies Stole SIM Encryption Keys

    Snowden-Leaked Documents: SIM Card Maker Gemalto Hacked By Mathew J. Schwartz
    Report: Spies Stole SIM Encryption Keys

    A British/American intelligence team hacked Gemalto - the world's largest SIM manufacturer - and stole encryption keys that can be used to intercept and eavesdrop on cellular communication, according to a news report citing leaked documents.

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ARTICLE Crimeware-as-a-Service Threatens Banks

Researchers are alarmed about the increasing sophistication of crimeware-as-a-service, an...

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